Breya Chanel

Panoramic Viewing .

Enjoy this dessert round of my stunning photos. Don’t get to full now!

Contributions: .

1 Hour ... 400/525

90 Minutes ... 600/700

2 Hours ... 750/850 (preferred)

3 Hours ... 1000/1100

4 Hours ... 1200/1400 (dinner date and privacy)

6 Hours ... 1800/2200

Overnight ... starting: 2600/3500

All donations are for time and companionship only, and is non-negotiable.

Q and A's .

Why become a companion ?

I’ve always been open my passions, and the passions of others. I enjoy giving a wonderful experience to those who want to experience. I am a friendly person and love making them everywhere I go.

Do I offer other reservations ?

Yes,I enjoy different passions! Everyone has their own commodity. Email me for all your questions.

Do I offer group reservations ?

Yes, I ask that you email me for any questions regarding timing, rates , and more details.

Do I ask for screening and deposits? And why?

I believe that just like your wanting a good experience so do I. Each deposit that I ask for is simply to hold your reservation with me. Just like my screening is to keep me safe as well as yourself. Your are welcome to browse lower to see further info.

Do I travel out of state?

Northeast Ohio is home to me. But I do have touring dates that I try to update often. Especially  on my social medias and advertisement.

Further pictures?

A lot of my photos are current, and I try to reshoot every few months new ones. You are welcome to my social media from my advertisements; To view when I will be updating.

Reservation Etiquettes .

  • Advanced booking is appreciated and preferred, to make sure we have enough time together. But not required, I also accept a 20% deposit for any last minutes 
  • For first dates, please be sure to fill out my screening/request form in its entirety. The more information you share, the more I am able to ensure our time together will be unforgettable, e.g. name, drivers license , place of work, age, physical features, and interests, dislikes, introduction about yourself, etc.
  • The donation for arrangements should be in a envelope in clear view upon our meetup, please do not make me have to ask. 
  • Any extra requests should be discussed with me prior to your arrival or mine. Any surprises without my knowledge will lead to a termination of your reservation.
  • Hygiene is important for both parties. I come clean, neat, tidy and showered. I ask the same of you.
  • No tips or gifts are required, but are humbly welcomed and will be much loved and appreciated. If you would like to surprise me, please look to my links for my wishlist.

Reservations/Booking .

To arrange our date, please fill in my booking form in its entirety below. Alternatively, you can also email me directly. Advanced bookings will be given preference.  For last minutes I ask a 20% deposit to hold


In your message, please be sure to include the details of our appointment which it be my booking form or a personal email to me. I ask please ask that you email your Driver's license and Employment part you picked to me email.  Rest assured my email is liked back to my website and is a private domain offsite. All information is protected.


Drivers license and Employment ex. (linkedin) (badge)

Phone number

Date and Time

Location unless coming to me 

2 provider references or P411. 

I look forward to meeting you!

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Tours & Availability: .

Thinking about planning but don't know when?

Upcoming tours and latest availability will be updated here.